Manual lymph drainage

Individual therapy: Swelling reduction, massage for detoxification and relaxation

Lymphatic drainage is a complex physical decongestion therapy working on reducing fluid accumulation, restoring and improving the functionality of affected body parts. The vegetative nervous system also benefits from the treatment. The gentle techniques have a pleasantly relaxing effect. Physiological processes like blood circulation and lymph flow are reactivated and waste and toxins from the bodily tissues are removed. After a thorough interview about the medical history, individual objectives and measures will be set for each patient in collaboration with the treating physician.

Among other possibilities you can choose from

Endermology LPG Medical®

Individual therapy: Vessels, tissue, muscles, improved surgical results

Endermology is a natural, painless and non-invasive treatment without side effects. It is supported by scientific studies and already applied in various Swiss hospitals. The unique device with its various accessories can be applied to all body parts. It generates an individually adapted vacuum effect. This suction is transferred through the integrated massage rollers on the skin. The skin and the connective tissue underneath benefits from a massage and stimulation of the blood circulation. Tensions, adhesions, calcifications are released efficiently. The wound healing process is accelerated, the scars are softer and become, in the aesthetic sense, much more beautiful. Remain vigilant and active in health concerns!

Emotional intelligence

Single, pair & or group coaching: Get stronger, be stronger, communicate more effectively

As a specialist for emotional intelligence I deal with wounded states of the soul. These emotional injuries remain often unnoticed, because the person hides them under different disguises. They remain visible, although, through symptoms that are difficult to classify. These are, for example, unnatural patterns of behaviour and communication, destructive states of fear and stress, diseases, crises in relationships... I am familiar with the five major emotional wounds, which are more or less strongly established in every person. I'm therefore able to accompany and explore the causes of the situation. Through specific questions we will be able to find solutions and implement them immediately. This allows you to optimize your quality of life on the long term and in a holistic way. Your private and working life becomes easier, clearer and more successful.